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California Roof Savers,

a family owned business (since 1969) committed to seeking & understanding the best possible methods for repairing, restoring & improving roof systems. With dedicated foreman that have restored Thousands of Home & Commercial Roofs to the highest standard; California Roof Savers will give you expert advice, an honest and comprehensive bid with work carried out in a timely and respectable manner by vetted Professional Craftsman.

Roof Repair

roof repair

When it Comes to Roof Repair , we see solution possibilities where others (with less experience) simply cant. We have Repaired Tens-of-Thousands of Roofs around Orange County and Los Angles County with the drive to produce the best result possible; also, as roofing technology evolves we strive to understand and utilize new materials and concepts to improve our technique and approach. We have been known to follow up on previous Jobs, not only because we love our clients, we also want to make sure you’re completely satisfied and that our Roof Repair technique and material is performing as expected.

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Roof Restoration

roof restoration

Very often Roof problems are ignored until it’s too late. If your Roof’s older than 15 years, you should consider having your roof looked at by a professional and possibly restored. Old Mildew and algae covered roof tiles, shingles and decaying underlay- paper is the precursor to roof leaks & very expensive and inconvenient structural damage & repair. Our Roof Contractors are Experts when recognizing the current state of your roof, giving you an honest evaluation; utilizing the best materials and techniques to deliver the absolute best result. From roof cleaning to an entire Roof Re-lay & Custom Colored performance Coating we are the experienced and go to vetted roofing contractor.

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Cool Roof

Cool Roof Systems

Years ago a new concept emerged in the roofing world, known as a “Cool Roof”. It was only logical that a Vented Elevated Batten Roofing System and / or heat-reflective roof coatings could be extremely beneficial to any Home’s comfort and lowering cooling costs. After much research and testing we have found what we believe to be the best combination of materials and practices to offer the most efficient and durable “Cool Roof” energy efficient Solution.

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